What is a babysitting co-op?
A babysitting co-op is a group of parents who agree to babysit for one another. Rather than one-on-one exchanges between parents, when a group of parents join together as a co-op, it means more flexibility for everyone to receive babysitting services when needed. Because points are earned (when you sit for someone) and spent (when someone sits for you), a babysitting co-op makes it easy for a group of parents to exchange babysitting services among them.

How does My Kid's Co-op help manage a co-op?
My Kid's Co-op makes it easy to create a new co-op or manage your existing co-op. If you have an existing co-op and use another site, it's easy to transfer your existing co-op to this site. You can easily transfer the existing point balances to your new co-op and pick up right where you left off.

How much does this site cost to use?
This site is absolutely free to use. There are no exceptions. There is no fine print. It's free.

How do I start a co-op of my own?
Starting your own co-op is easy. Once you register and log in to My Kid's Co-op, there is a link on the left side of your home page to start a new co-op. Simply follow the prompts to create your new co-op. You can even enter the e-mail addresses of your friends to invite them to join your co-op.

How do I find a sitter?
Once your co-op is created, you can request a sit through the site. When you make the request, all members will get an e-mail with the details, and they will reply if they are available to sit for you.

Can I be a member of more than one co-op at a time?
Absolutely. You can be a member of as many different co-ops as you would like.

Can I use My Kid's Co-op to find a co-op in my area?
Because co-ops are about taking care of your children, they should only include members who are known to the group. Therefore, it is not permitted to make a "blind" request to join a co-op. But, if you don't know anyone who runs a co-op in your area, no problem - just start one of your own! My Kid's Co-op makes it easy and simple. And it's free!

How is My Kid's Co-op different than other sites?
The biggest difference is that we are free to use. No exceptions. This site allows you to manage your co-op as well as any other site, but there is no charge at all to use this site.